Terms & Conditions, Policies & Procedures - Copyright 2013-2017 MYTIPS4LIFE.info / All Rights Reserved.

1.     General

a.     Use of Mytips4life - within the meaning of these terms and conditions - is a Internet Portal called "Mytips4life" ( accessible through the Internet domain " Mytips4life.info " and other Internet addresses)

b.     Everyone who applies on the domain »Mytips4life.info« and other subdomains agrees with the Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures.

c.     Operators of Mytips4life ("we" ) is the Mytips4life portal

d.     "User" or "you" or "potentional person" or "leads" within the meaning of these terms and usage conditions is, who uses Mytips4life or has been applied on different promotion sites on mytips4life portal.

e.     For the use of these terms apply Mytips4life business terms and terms of Use or terms of apply.

f.      We note with " Mytips4life " on the Internet platform, which can acquire to users the option of contacting potential interested parties (so-called " Leads" ) . "Lead" in the sense of these Terms and Conditions means the information of a data set ( data of the respective potential customers ) , which the user can use to contact you or User can contact a "Lead".

2.     MyTips4Life.info

a.     MyTips4Life is a independent website that promotes diferent websites and are customemade for users.

b.     We are explaining all benefits with the usage or work with companies in 3.a. .

c.     Our mission is to inform people how they can start saving money, shop smarter, use products, promote products and even start different business opportunities in diferent companies.


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4.     Informations about the promotion websites

a.     All given informations are taken from the promotion websites of the companies.

5.     How it works?

a.     The Potentional person fills out the form, signs in and orders the given information.

b.     The person is directly forwarded to the information website or the person comes to the apply page, where the person can choose what he would like to do

c.     In the same time the person gets all the informations he has ordered with the sign in form.

d.     The e-mail contains also all informations about the person who has given his data to the website for the person.

e.     The person can be contacted directly from the user who has given the information to the potentional person on the contact data, what the person has given to the webpage. (Example : Name and Lastname, E-Mail, Phone, Skype etc... or only E-mail)

6.     Auto registration –

a.     Some websites are connected directly with DubLis registration form

b.     If the potentional user or lead agrees with the given information to have this cashback or to make the registration with the affiliate program (what is for free) we took his data application and auto registered him as a free user who can start using the portal of DubLi and start earning CashBack on his/shes purchases.

c.     This user agrees with all term and conditions, privacy and policies from MyTips4Life and DubLi!

d.     If the user doesn't agrees with the autoregistration than the user will be only informed and not registered.

7.     Data privacy

a.     The inputed data (data aplication) of people who would like to access the given information will never be sold to 3rd parties or shared to different persons that are not a part of MyTips4Life.

b.     Your data is safe and will be used only for MyTips4Life informations.

c.     Data of a User – person who uses the MyTips4Life system is visible only for their prospects – to people who has seen the advert he has made or posted his link – his informations are beeeing send to the new customer – lead as a contact information.

8.     Cookie information

a.     We are using only basic cookie for language information and the cookie is deleted    .

9.     Registration and Termination (for users who use the mytips4life website)

a.     In order to use certain services of Mytips4life registration of the user is necessary. Registration and usage of the system can only be a natural Persons who are fully competent and entrepreneurs, as well as incorporated companies. The Registration is done through the creation of a user account and the approval to these usage terms and conditions, Privacy and policies.

b.     The use agreement for the MyTips4Life services is the registration and is also the confirmation of registration. Confirmation will be received by the noreply confirmation email from us, and the activation of the user account by the administrator. Accounts are non-transferable and may not use of third parties.

c.     Users are truthful in the registration and (if required for registration) to provide complete data. We reserve the right, the accuracy of the registration information with law - lawful means to check. Users are obligated to refresh the registry as soon as changes apply.

d.     The user may terminate the agreement relating to the use of the platform Mytips4life in any time by writing a email on info@mytips4life.info - subject : terminate – username. Denunciation shall in any case only be the end all agreed periods of notice subject to remuneration for services effective (example: there is a fixed booking of the usage of the site period described in the backoffice (Account active until), the termination will not take effect until the user agreement to the expiry date. Mutual obligations in terms of previously acquired by the user leads remain unaffected by the termination.

e.     We are entitled upon termination of the contractual relationship, blocking or deleting the affected user account together with all content but without the leads.

f.      We have the right to terminate the contractual relationship without notice if there is a good cause for termination. An important reason in particular, when a user or repeatedly violates these terms of business and conditions of use or other legislation has culpably in a significant way - initiated. Such a violation are violations of third parties who act at the behave of a user, the same. We can terminate also if we get the informations of SPAMing mytips4life informations!

g.     Acces to the backoffice and usage of the mytips4life is till the paid date. After that the user must pay annother annual fee to use the system forward for another year. If the user doesnt extand or pay the fee the user is terminated and blocked. If there is another termination notice that the user has violates or uses the system in not a good way, he can also be terminated before the usage of the account get tho the date of extending. There is no money back!

10.  General obligations of the user

a.     Users are responsible for the use made by them on A Mytips4life related Leads solely responsible. Users may in the use of Mytips4life and over Mytips4life related leads not violate any applicable law or Contract. The user has no rights in particular Of any third party and the applicable data protection regulations , Note penal laws and the protection of minors.

b.     Users have to keep save secrecy data, especially passwords and to keep related leads a secret. In case of abuse or Abuse suspicion, Mytips4life is immediately to inform the user and terminate their account. The user holds Mytips4life against all damages and expenses resulting. Mytips4life to be represented by the user rights violations occur ( especially when using the leads) . The indemnification also includes the costs of legal defense in appropriate , but not exceeding the statutory permissible scope.

11.  Use of Leads

a.     Leads may be used only to the extent agreed in each case . The user is not permitted , and acquired at Mytips4life record more than once or for another , as specified in the order companies to use our project

b.     The potentional customers (leads) may be used only for a single contact on not defined time (NO SPAMING!). Another use of us Provided Data shall only be permitted extent that the data from the user due to a successful CONTACTING - acquisition needed for the business relationship with the interested parties. The Terms of leads for other purposes is prohibited , in particular :

                                               i.     •any transfer to third parties ;

                                             ii.     •any reproduction, distribution, public disclosure, or changes - ment (especially the enrichment with other Data outside a Business relationship with the relevant parties);

                                            iii.     •the repeated contact , although the first contact though to one contact , but not to the desired success lead ( "insistence ") – NOSPAMING POLICY!

c.     The user is forbidden to store the transmitted data or to use after the person concerned of data storage and / or use has objected. Contradictions against the user has given us the user immediately ( in text form, in writing or by email) to communicate .

d.     Records with Leads optionally contain control data sets ( by us or our Partners created individual records in order to reconstruct the movement of such data application ) . For the detection of fraudulent use satisfies the template one of the control data sets and proof of non-conforming use education

12.  Services

a.     Mytips4life is basically available 24 hours a day . We can however can not guarantee the availability. A claim for Refund or cancellation of the contract does not exist. We reserve the right to Service for maintenance , especially as regards to ensuring Security and stability is essential , temporary combehend set , where as Maintenance as far as possible as early as possible to announce and will finish as soon as possible.

b.     We are not responsible for sever downtime.

c.     The price of mytips4life apply to services provided by us for the user to work-services , especially for the creation and customization of web pages , and beyond for customized services and services.

d.     The user has to be a responsible contact person. This person must be able to locate your project - To make decisions. The contact person is for us the necessary information and votes available.

e.     Subject to a separate agreement , we are not for the analysis of the existing obligation data and other system environment of the user

f.      The system works at it is working. Every user who sees a error can write on email – info@mytips4life.info to tell us where and what the error is.

13.  Language translations

a.     We are providing MyTips4Life as much languages as we can. If a language is not preset, maybe in the future this language will be or not.

b.     If there are any misstakes in languages or wrong translations we are not to blame for error. We will tell immediately to our translation team to correct the error – and what time the correction will be made we can not tell it depends on the translators.

14.  Participation of users

a.     The user is responsible for the creation of in its sphere of operations – consider the T&C and P&P. This concerns in particular the he power conversion quired hardware and software.

b.     The user is responsible for all action he makes and must take care for NO SPAMING!

c.     The user is responsible to not harm MyTips4Life in any way!

d.     The user is responsible for his own work and success.

15.  System price and payment

a.     User pays the price due the paypal system or bankwire transfer.

b.     The usage of the system depends on the payment (monthly, yearly, special...etc) and its regular paid in cicles. If a termination accours or payment is not paid the user is blocked to access the site and all his leads will be lost.

c.     If the user cancels the usage of the system, the money will not be returned and his sistem will operate till the end of his payment cicle.

16.  Privacy and security

a.     We respect the privacy of our users and the legislation governing data protection regulations. Personal data will be used to provide our services. For any other use we will in advance ask for approval. The users personal data will not be forwarded to third parties , unless such disclosure is to a service and is unavoidable (eg the settlement of over To enable MyTips4Life unsettled transactions ). Furthermore, this does not apply if a Dissemination of the data collected for tracking abuse or receivables is required.

b.     We reserve the right to exclude users who for good of a cause have been terminated or Have given a reason to lock for re-use of Mytips4life.

c.     Leads will access your data due the email they get for contacting the user for help or other informations.

17.  Liability

a.     We are not responsible for facilities or services outside of our sphere of influence, in particular not for the non- availability of services due to Disorders of the Internet or to the Internet or to access mediation used services or facilities.

b.     We are not responsible for services, informations, images, numbers outside of the system MyTips4Life.

c.     We are not responsible for the presentation recordings and informations in it.

d.     All rights reserved by MyTips4Life

e.     Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

f.      By using this site, you agree to the protection of personal data and privacy.

g.     We are not responsible for the content of external linked sites

18.  Warranty

a.     We are not giving to users any warranty for usage or success with the MyTips4Life website or any other combined domains.

b.     We are not guarranty any leads or business success.

19.  Way of success for users

a.     Work, work, work and inform people (potentional leads). Use the system.

20.  Prices and Payments

a.     The user is obligeted to pay the agreed price, respectively

b.     The user bears the resulting costs on its side , such as the cost for access to the Internet, or for transmitting data itself

21.  Participate companies and informations

a.     We are not responsible for the companies who are involved in different Affiliate programs. If such company is involved in anny affiliate system and it is a part of DubLi services, we can inform people about their CashBack.

b.     This is a WIN-WIN information for participating companies in dubli and for the potentional user who wants the informations.

c.     The CashBack is given by DubLi and the payout cashback is also on the DubLi website.

22.  MyTips4Life is and independent service for people who uses the system and is not resposible for nothing. Informations given by mytips4life are taken informations of affiliate companies outsite of mytips4life and mytips4life gives only the informations of outside companies. Users who use the system are responsible for the not damaging way of advertise or sending informations all arround the world (internet).

23.  Contact data and Imprint

a.     This site is a service of  : Independent promotions and informations MyTips4Life, Suite 106 Blake Building , Hutson Street Belize City, Belize,  info@mytips4life.info

24.Return policy:

We want you to be satisfied with the purchase. If you are not , simply  24 hours after the purchase write to support and we will refund your money.


25.  This document applies on 1. January 2017